Step In Series: Industry Sharing and Recruitment Drive with ITE College West

Step-In-Series is an engagement event developed by Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) in collaboration with ITE College West, catered specially for 120 graduating students of ITE College West majoring in Leisure and Travel Operations. The engagement objective of the event was to provide placement service for the job-seeking graduating ITE students. They would be tracked by ITE's classroom advisors on placement rate upon graduation in February 2018. It created the perfect platform for industry experts and potential employers to address the student's queries and for students to better understand the characteristics and requirements of the industry sectors.

A dialogue session was held to provide the students with an overview of the industry's entry requirements, possible career tracks and career progressions that will be expected to assist them in deciding on their career move. The sharing and discussion panel comprised of organisations from 4 various sectors within the hospitality industry namely the Hotel, Attractions, MICE and Travel Sector. The session provided the students a glimpse into the background of the 4 sectors, experiences and expectations of new hires for vairous roles. SACEOS Committee Member Ms Bibiana Lau, took the stage as one of the panel speakers and gave an overview of what it means to be the only association in the MICE industry. A Q&A at the end of the dialogue session allowed these students to fully indulge in the business landscape of the hospitality industry with the opportunity to network with industry practitioners and future employers.

Being the only trade association representing the Business Events/MICE sector in Singapore, SACEOS recognised the crucial role we play in maximising the potentials of young industry talents through engagement. The Step-In Series provided us with a perfect opportunity of immense value to engage young talents in the industry. SACEOS represented the industry members in reaching out to the students on available job vacancies and took the opportunity to guide the students to the career path that best-suits them. Furthermore, the students were able to gain a better understanding on the value of being a part of the industry and what it has to offer from an association’s perspective.

SACEOS would like to extend a big thank you to e2i for the opportunity to participate in such a fruitful event.




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